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Development from childhood continues in 3 directions:

Children’s physiological and psychological development continues more rapidly. Many parents are unaware of the importance of children’s psychological development. The secret of raising a happy, peaceful, and mentally healthy child was in child psychology. We can read about child’s psychology free books.

But I know how it is difficult to find free books about child’s psychology. Here we collect more than 10 books about child’s psychology. You can also get a information about child’s psychology by reading our article.

Some parents think that they know enough about child psychology. But this is not the case. However, the usual behaviors or words we use to protect our children can have a negative effect on their psychology. Maybe it won’t be a problem for that moment, or we won’t realize we made a mistake.

However, issues that we do not pay attention to or understand in time can lead to bigger problems in the future. If you want to know more about child’s psychology, you should read about child’s psychology free books.

child's psychology free books

For example, many parents over-protect and over-direct their children. Parents should not put children at the center of the world. It is necessary to raise children with psychological resilience. First, we cannot protect our children from all bad things or bad humans. This is impossible. But let’s say we did it.

But even then, we do the greatest harm to our child. At the same time, we turn our children into risk-averse rule followers. This is the opposite of the mentality they need. If we want to protect our children, we must prepare them to the real world. Do not act analytically in times of difficulty, just guide him or her.


Play games with your children. Experts who recommend art activities such as painting and painting for preschool children say that primary school children can play traditional games such as silent cinema and hide-and-seek, while middle school children can play games that require attention such as chess and checkers.

Games are tools by which children can easily express their subjective states and make sense of life within the framework of their own perspective. You can read about it in child’s psychology free books.


child's psychology free books

Children love all colors and are interested in each one. Therefore, anyone who wants to communicate with children must also know the language of colors. Colors in light tones attract children more. Colors are of great importance in understanding the psychology of children. Attention should be paid to what colors children prefer in their pictures.

For example, a child who emphasizes yellow or green while painting is perceived as happy. Brown indicates pessimism. It is known that children who use brown need attention and love.

Red can vary from child to child. Because red symbolizes both life and self-confidence, danger and death. You can get a information about this topic in child’s psychology free books or articles.


We know that books make an important contribution to a child’s development process. The so-called toy books are among the first books children meet. It should be noted that these books are made of substances that do not harm the health of the child, because, as we all experience, children also love to taste books.

Between the ages of 2-4: Single-event, cheerful and realistic stories, consisting of interrelated pictures and sentences, are interesting. At this age, the child is not only a listener but also begins to tell.

Between the ages of 4-6: Children learn and love to listen to the books read, to ask and answer questions about the books they listen to, and to draw different stories from the story. You can find more information in child’s psychology free books.


We all know that education is important. But we can make some mistakes when we want to encourage our children to study. There is a big difference between loving learning and being forced to learn. Children are encouraged to compete for a few slots at top universities but sometimes we can see that talent is more valuable.

We also need to explain to our children how important creativity is. The difficult point here is to establish and maintain a healthy balance.

We explain to our children how important every moment, learning and creativity is for them to be good people in the future. These are the first things that come to mind.

But over time, we see that some values ​​are more important here. For example, it is more valuable to be a loyal friend, to be a trusted and honest person, to be a reliable employee, and to have a strong moral center. You can find more information about it in child’s psychology free books.


child's psychology free books

Teach the child to empathize. Empathy is extremely important to children. Children with this skill feel safe and establish strong relationships with people. The skill of empathy is not an innate feature, on the contrary, it is a skill that is taught and learned over time.

When the parents meet the baby’s needs by thinking and understanding correctly, it improves the child’s empathy skills. This also positively affects mental development. You can read more information in child’s psychology free books.

For child psychology, you must first learn to listen to your child well. In child psychology, do not pretend to listen to him, he immediately feels it. If you have a job, express that he will wait for a while and you will listen to him soon.

When talking to him or her, you have to make eye contact. This makes him or her feel important. You can get an information in child’s psychology free books.

But it doesn’t end there. We will face other questions. For example, how and when is toilet training given to children? What to do if the child does not want to go to school?

Could your child have psychological problems? How can we understand this? You can get an answer in child’s psychology free books.

But how do we do all this?

Finding the answers to all these questions is no longer so difficult. We can just search in the internet child’s psychology free books or read books about child’s psychology. We have put together more than 10 and the most popular child’s psychology free books to help you.

10+ Child’s psychology free books

1. The whole- brain child: 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind

child's psychology free books

The first book of child’s psychology free books is the most popular one. In this book the first chapter presents the concept of parenting with the brain in mind and introduces the simple and powerful concept at the heart of the whole-brain approach, integration.

The second chapter focuses on helping a child’s left brain and right brain work together so the child can be connected to both his logical and emotional selves.

The third chapter emphasizes the importance of connecting the instinctual “downstairs brain” with the more thoughtful “upstairs brain,” which is responsible for decision making, personal insight, empathy, and morality.

The fourth chapter explains how you can help your child deal with painful moments from the past by shining the light of understanding on them, so they can be addressed in a gentle, conscious, and intentional way.

Chapter five helps you teach your kids that they have the capacity to pause and reflect on their own state of mind. When they can do that, they can make choices that give them control over how they feel and how they respond to their world.

Chapter six highlights ways you can teach your children about the happiness and fulfillment that result from being connected to others, while still maintaining a unique identity.


2. How to talk so kids will listen and Listen so kids will talk

child's psychology free books

The second book of child’s psychology free books is based on the book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The first chapter is about helping children deal with their feelings.

Children need to have their feelings accepted and respected. The second chapter is about engaging a child’s cooperation. The third chapter is about encouraging Autonomy.

Toddlers and teenagers aren’t that different. And the last chapter is about praise. Describe what you see and describe what you feel. Sum up the child’s praiseworthy behavior with a word.


3. Education of a child

child's psychology free books

The third book of child’s psychology free books is the most recommended one. The author of this book is Ellen Key. You must read this book.

If you want to learn about the above topics and more, this book is for you. Each topic was discussed so fluently.   

A wonderful book on how to rear a child. The author highlights how use of corporal punishment is detrimental to the growth of the child.

She also highlights how forcing one’s opinion and worse wishes on the child turns the child into a limited human.

The author says that we should lead by example and create an environment where the child can pick up the right and good traits rather than drilling it into their heads.


Another books of child’s psychology free books are listed below:

4. Parent and child Volume III. , Child Study and Training by Mosiah Hall


5. Psychology and Parenthood by H. ADDINGTON BRUCE (Author of “ The Riddle of Personality”, “ Scientific Mental Healing” etc.)


6. Child Development and Education by David Elkind


7. An Introduction to Child Development


8. Child Care and Early Education Arrangements of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers: 2001


9. How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk: a randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of the how-to parenting program on children’s mental health compared to a wait-list control group


10. The Mind of a Child: The Development of the Intellect by William T. Preyer


11. Child psychology


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