12 Best Places to Visit in SLOVENIA

Once you decide to travel, it’s turn to choose where to go.

Some of us choose famous cities, while others choose places that enchant people with their natural beauty.

Especially after the pandemic, many people want to open their eyes to green and blue instead of opening their eyes to concrete and asphalt in the morning.

Another factor to consider when choosing a destination is whether it fits our budget.

Who doesn’t want to spend less and see more sights?! If you want to immerse yourself in the music of nature’s perfect orchestra, feel all the negative energy flowing over you and may the energy of the sun and nature fill your soul and reconnect with nature.

The best choice is Slovenia.

Slovenia is bordered by Austria to the north, Croatia to the northeast, Hungary to the south and southwest, Italy to the west, and the Adriatic Sea to the southeast.

Baroque and Roman architecture has an intense historical influence in old Slovenian cities.

Both rural and urban architecture in the northwest have many similarities with neighboring Austria.

Fascinating people with its lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests, caves and many natural beauties, Slovenia is the undiscovered hidden paradise of the Balkans and Europe.

Let’s see best places to visit in Slovenia.

The best places to visit in Slovenia

Slovenia, 70 percent of which is covered with forests, is one of the greenest countries you can see in Europe.

However, its castles, palaces and open-air museums are also worth seeing.

River Kolpa

places to visit in slovenia

The beauty of Southern Slovenia is the Kolpa river, around which the Kolpa Landscape Park stretches.

Clean, warm and biologically rich, the Kolpa river changes character several times along its course.

You can stay at many campgrounds or dazzling accommodations and spend the day exploring the surroundings by bike on or on the water.

Kolpa is considered the warmest river in Slovenia, so jumping into it in the summer will be a welcome refreshment for anyone.

There were 39 species of fish listed here, some of which you will not find in any other Slovenian river.

Lake Bled

places to visit in slovenia

Located in the Gorenjska region of Slovenia, Lake Bled is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

At the same time, Lake Bled, which is close to the southern part of Austria, fascinates visitors with its unique natural beauties.

On the island in the middle of the lake, St. The bells of St. Martin’s Church, the giant mountains surrounding it and the Bled Castle, which looks down from the hill directly opposite, are magnificent enough to fascinate you from reality.

Lake Bled has approximately 6 km of trails.

It is also possible to go up to the special hills around it and to feel yourself in another world while enjoying the view. You can take part in peaceful walking activities around Lake Bled, where private castles and historical places are frequently located.

It is known that it is quite cold during the winter months, as the lake is close to the Alps for visits to Lake Bled, which should be more careful in the winter months.

Triglav National Park

places to visit in slovenia

It is named after the highest mountain in Triglav, located in the very center of the park.

It is also the country’s highest peak with an elevation of 2864 meters.

Triglav National Park is located in the northwestern part of the country, close to the Austrian and Italian borders.

It is part of the Julian Alps, and the Alps make up the majority of the park, including the highest peak, Triglav.

It is protected from 1924 due to its rich natural vegetation, cultural significance and national significance.

Triglav National Park is full of lakes and waterfalls, but Savica Fall is a must visit.

The main source of the waterfall is the Sava, the second important river in the Park.

Triglav Mountain is basically famous for hiking and climbing, and the panoramic view you get there is just out of the world.

It is said that those who have not climbed Mount Triglav are not a true Slovenian in spirit.

In the summer, the park gets a bit crowded with many tourists who will look forward to conquering Mount Triglav.

You must visit Migovec system in Triglav National park.


places to visit in slovenia

Ljubljana is one of the top places to visit in Slovenia.

This city, the capital of Slovenia, will welcome you with a green face.

And it is completed with the beauty of its historical monuments.

The capital city has a unique nature as it is located near the Alps.

The city is also built on the Sava and Ljubljanica rivers.

It is divided into two regions as the New and Old City.

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is Ljubljana Castle.

This castle is located on a green hill, at an altitude of 375 meters.

You can reach the castle on foot or by taking the funicular.

You can see the beautiful view of Ljublijana from the top of the castle.

If you want to take a photo, visit the castle towards the evening.

There are many bridges in the city of Ljubljana.

The most popular bridges are the Dragon bridge (Zmajski Most) and the Triple bridge (Tromostovje).

The dragon is almost a symbol of the city of Ljubljana.

You can encounter dragon statues in many parts of the city.

The triple bridge got its name from the fact that it has three bridges.

One of the must see places to visit in Slovenia is Tivoli Park.

You can explore the park by renting a bicycle.

You can also evaluate the mini golf course.

There are many museums in the vicinity of Tivoli park. Do not forget to visit the museums.

Kranjska Gora

places to visit in slovenia

One of the places to visit in Slovenia that you should go in winter is Kranjska Gora. The best choice for winter sports is Kranjska Gora.

Kranjska Gora is a town in the northwest of Slovenia, located on the Sava Dolinca river.

Kranjska Gora is the most famous mountain settlement in Slovenia.

This is the perfect place for the winter vacationer who loves and enjoys skiing.

There are activities such as ski tour, ski running, ice climbing and ice skating in winter.

In fact, you can come here at any time of the year.

This place is also popular for activities such as hiking, mountaineering and horse riding.

It is the perfect place to spend time with the family and have fun.

The lakes, waterfalls, museums, Russian Chapel here are worth seeing.


places to visit in slovenia

One of the best places to visit in Slovenia is Celje.

Famous for its history, architecture and culture, Celje is a province of Slovenia.

Celje is located in the Sytria region of Slovenia.

Celje castle is a fascinating and at the same time frightening historical building.

It has been built on top of the city for centuries. The castle was built in 1906.

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is Celje Regional Museum.

Here, up to 200 artifacts and furniture from the Roman period are exhibited.

You should see the ceiling decoration in the main hall of the museum.

This decoration was made by an Italian artist in 1600.

You should also visit the Prince’s Palace, built in the 4th century.

There is also the Contemporary Art Gallery here.

Goriska Brda

places to visit in slovenia

Goriska Brda is famous for its vineyards and orchards. This place is one of the famous place for its vine in the world.

It is also a wine-producing region of Slovenia.

The harmony of nature blended with the architecture of the houses in the villages is worth seeing.

Nature enthusiasts can find many interesting things here.

The view of the hills covered with vineyards is magnificent.

Unfortunately, it attracts less attention from a touristic point of view. That’s why it’s cheaper here.

Goriska Brda provides many outdoor activities with its natural assets and lands.

Examples of these activities are golf, tennis, diving, paragliding, beach volleyball and bungee jumping.


places to visit in slovenia

Postojna is one of the interesting places to visit in Slovenia.

Postojna, a district of Slovenia, attracts attention mostly with its cave.

There are thousands of caves in Slovenia.

The most popular caves are Skocjan Caves and Postojna Cave.

The Postojna Cave was formed by the Pivka River and was opened to visitors in 1819.

About 5 kilometers of the cave is open for tourists.

One of the features that makes the cave interesting is that you can travel around a certain part of the cave by train.

In addition, Postojna cave is the longest karst cave in Europe.

One of the other aspects that makes Postojna cave interesting from other caves is the natural life and ecosystem inside.

Although the conditions of the cave (dark, damp, etc.) are not very suitable for life, some species have managed to cling to it.

The most unusual of these is the Olm, which is found only in a few European countries, including Slovenia, and lives in caves.

There is an entrance fee to the Postojna Cave.

Predjama Castle is exactly the kind of place that could belong to the list of “The World’s Most Interesting Castles”.

It was built on top of a 123-meter rock and a cave.

After the castle was built around the 12th century, it became a place where many noble families lived.

Even if you don’t go, you can see how fascinating and frightening it is by looking at the picture of the castle.

This is one of the top places to visit in Slovenia.


places to visit in slovenia

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is Piran.

Located in the southwest of Slovenia, the city draws attention with its rich Maritime Museum and medieval architecture.

The oval-shaped Tartinijev square is the center of the city.

This square is named after a music virtuoso, Guiseppe Tartini.

There is also a monument with his violin in his hand in the middle of the square.

The Venetican House, located around this square, is also worth seeing.

You can also encounter various religious buildings here.

One of the most popular religious buildings is St. George’s Cathedral.

The first parts of the cathedral were built in the 12th century.

However, it reached its current size in the 14th century.

The cathedral is believed to protect the people of Piran.

At the far end of the Piran peninsula, there is the 13th century Lighthouse.

You can watch the unique sunset from the cafes and restaurants by the seaside.


places to visit in slovenia

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is the beautiful city of Koper, bordering the Italian city of Trieste.

The city of Koper is a great supporter of both itself and the country with its port from the Roman Empire.

If you’ve been to Koper, be sure to visit the Assumption Cathedral (Stolnica Marijinega Vnebovzetja).

This cathedral is located in Tito square, which forms the center of the city.

The history of the church dates back to the 12th century Roman Antiquity.

Assumption Cathedral has the characteristics of gothic and renaissance architecture.

The first thing you will see when you set foot in the city of Koper is Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower now serves as part of the Assumption Cathedral.

This is also the center point you can use to find your way when you get lost.

Tito Square is the most famous place in the city of Koper.

It is surrounded by historical houses.

You can also see the Praetorian Palace in the square.


places to visit in slovenia

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is Maribor.

Maribor is located in the northeast of Slovenia.

The most distinctive features of Eastern European architecture are here.

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia.

Maribor draws its charm from its historical texture along the Drave river.

Maribor has many beautiful buildings and museums, especially in terms of architecture.

It is impossible not to discover these beauties while walking by the river.

As examples of places to see in Maribor, we can show the Old Wine House, Maribor Cathedral, Maribor Regional Museum, Knights Hall, Loretska Chapel, Water Tower.


places to visit in slovenia

One of the places to visit in Slovenia is Ptuj.

Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia.

Ptuj is in the same position as the capital of Slovenia in terms of historical importance.

Here you will encounter many museums, churches, monasteries and castles.

Sports activities such as cycling, golf and climbing are also available here.

You can also relax in the indoor and outdoor thermal pools.

Ptuj Castle, one of the most famous castles in Slovenia, is also worth seeing.

We have listed the places to visit in Slovenia for you.

Which sightseeing place in Slovenia would you like to go to? Your opinion about the post is very important to us.

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