20 DIFFERENT and AMAZING Prom Makeup Looks

Special days… Special days… Special days… On special days, everyone wants to look perfect.

With the right dress, the right hairstyle and the right makeup, it is possible to look the way you dreamed.

The dress is ready! The shoes are ready! Hairstyle chosen! There is only one thing left-Your makeup…

On special days and nights, the importance of makeup becomes more important, and you want to draw all eyes on you.

For this, eye-catching makeup should be done and attention should be paid to details.

In this way, you can have a more attractive and cool appearance.

If we do it by paying attention to some rules in makeup, we can achieve a more beautiful and natural look.

For this, makeup should be a whole, including the color of the clothing worn, and the hairstyle.

Some of us want the prom makeup to match the color of our dress, or we want to get a look that makes our eye color more charming, or we just want it to be simpler or more glamorous.

In our post you will get acquainted with many prom makeup looks.

No-makeup or Natural Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

The natural makeup trend has been in our lives for quite some time.

“I am actually like this when I wake up!” There is effort in the air but also in the background.

There is an important point to remember: Trying too hard to make it look like it doesn’t exist can also make it look unnatural.

You don’t need to work that hard to get the real natural and “No-makeup” makeup look.

After applying the right products to the right places like a pro, this job becomes extremely easy.

You should know these steps to get natural prom makeup looks:

  • For a natural makeup, your skin must be well hydrated. In this way, the foundation will look very natural on your skin and its presence will not be obvious.
  • Test on the neck area whether the color of the foundation matches your skin tone.
  • Apply the foundation to your skin with a wet makeup sponge with buffer movements.
  • Instead of applying a lot of concealer, you should apply dots for a natural look.
  • To define the eyelid naturally, you can apply a transition color in light brown tones to the crease of your eye. This will make your eyes look more dimensional.
  • You need to achieve the curl, length and volume effect that you will give to your lashes without applying mascara in layers over and over.
  • We apply the blush on our cheeks with a smile, and while doing this, we take care to make light and rounded movements.
  • Start applying your lipstick from the middle of your lips and distribute it to the edges.

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Simple Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Anyone who is self-confident and knows a little makeup technique can do simple makeup.

What you need to do simple prom makeup looks is a good moisturizer, a face-colored foundation, nude tones or pink tones, blush, nude lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

It is up to you whether or not you will draw eyeliner or in which way you will draw it.

We can make our simple makeup a little more interesting by using a light beautiful illuminator on the foundation.

Starting with the eyes will make your makeup easier.

First, apply your eye concealer.

Then you can apply a shade of eyeshadow to your eyes and feed it around the eyes.

Fix the eyeshadow you apply to your eyes with a skin-colored headlight.

Then mascara, blush or contour or both of them, lipstick and finish.

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Gold Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Everyone browsing Instagram has come across these makeups at least once.

Makeup in gold tones is famous for its versatility.

Makeup in gold tones goes well with every eye color, making every eye color look beautiful in a different way.

It even goes well with all color of hair and dresses.

As before every makeup, prepare your skin for makeup.

Then you can use MAC “SRTUBE CREAM- GoldLite” to create a slight golden reflection on your skin.

Now it’s time for foundation.

If you have white skin and want a bronze look, you should use a foundation that is darker than your skin tone.

You can also get good results if you use the foundation of your own skin tone with a darker foundation.

You can get better results if you use creamy products in your eye makeup.

The rest is up to you.

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Rose Gold Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Although it is considered a mistake to go overboard with color harmony in fashion, when it comes to makeup, keeping the colors on your face in harmony creates an elegant and beautiful image.

One of the most elegant uses of rose gold tones is to create a tonal overtone effect by using them together with different shades of the pink color spectrum.

It is very compatible with all skin tones.

You should choose it for an elegant shimmer effect on your lips, cheekbones and eyelids.

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Pink Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Pink tones have been very trendy in makeup for the last 2 years.

For a baby-like, soft and healthy look… Pink adds freshness to a bare face.

Of course, there are some tricks to make up in pink tones:

  • The first of these is not to overdo it
  • The second rule is not to load the cheeks, lips and eyes with the same amount of pink.
  • Stay away from black eyeliners as they will look incompatible with the soft color of your face.
  • The trick to perfecting pink makeup is to use different colors in the same tone instead of focusing on the perfect match.

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Prom Makeup looks for Blue eyes

prom makeup looks

When looking at the catwalks, the headlights used for blue-eyed people are generally in copper and orange tones.

The reason why this is preferred is to ensure that the eye color and make-up color display a contrasting image.

Since the opposite color of blue is orange tones, the headlight colors you will use to highlight your eyes should be orange, bronze, copper and salmon colors.

If you use black eyeliner, you will overshadow your eye color. You don’t need to just use black to create a smoky look.

With the help of brown, gold and metallic copper colors, you can get a much more attractive look than the make-up you do with just black.

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Prom Makeup looks for Green eyes

prom makeup looks

Green-eyed women should also pay attention to certain points if they want to highlight the color of their eyes.

There is a color that green-eyed people should not give up and use in every makeup, even with a single brush stroke.

It is purple. However, the purple color to be used should be darker and burgundy tones, not blue tones.

You can use red and shades of red to highlight your green eyes.

All the attention will be on your green eyes, thanks to the red, which is the contrast of green.

If you want to make your eyes shine, you should use gold or copper tones.

When you apply these shades to the ends of your eyelids, your eyes will look brighter.

If you choose brown tones instead of black colors in eyeliner applications, your gaze will reach a softer look.

Likewise, you can choose brown tones instead of black in your mascara.

The tones that green-eyed people should avoid are silver tones.

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Prom Makeup looks for Hazel eyes

prom makeup looks

It’s time for hazel eyes for makeup suggestions for colored eyes.

Hazel eyes are actually a somewhat dangerous eye color.

Because eye colors may change depending on the chosen makeup.

Nude colors are the best choice for these eyes.

You can also achieve beautiful looks with purple, green, blue and gray tones.

Makeups using gold tones will give you a very natural yet attractive look.

Those who want to highlight their eyes should choose navy blue tones.

Hazel color and brown tones create a contrast.

For this reason, the eyes will appear in an incredible way in make-up made in brown tones.

It may be inconvenient to use very light brown tones.

You can choose dark tones in brown tones.

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Prom Makeup looks for Brown eyes

prom makeup looks

Brown-eyed women always envy colored eyes and even use many materials such as lenses, in fact, with the right brown eye makeup, they can have a deeper and more impressive look than colored eyes.

You don’t need colored eyes to have deep and meaningful eyes, even a simple eyeliner is enough for this.
Since you have so many color alternatives, you can apply a different make-up that is compatible with every outfit.

If you want to add meaning and meaning to brown eye makeup, purple, cherry color and forest green headlights also add meaning to brown eyes.

Some dark blue tones can also suit you very well.

When deciding on the headlight you will apply between these tones; You should also consider skin color and the outfit you will be wearing.

If you are going to use brown eyeshadow with brown eyes, you should choose the shade of brown either much lighter or darker than the eye color.

Thus, you can add depth to your eyes.

If your eyes are dark brown, medium and dark headlights are ideal for you.

You can apply black, close-to-black gray, dark green and plum eyeshadow to your dark brown eyes with peace of mind.

Metal-colored headlights also suit your eye color very well.

For more impressive looks, do not forget to use a deep black mascara.

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Prom Makeup looks for Gray eyes

prom makeup looks

It is a very rare eye color. It is also a very lovely eye color.

Gray eyes actually belong to a type of blue color.

This color, which is generally found in Northern and Eastern Europe, is found in 1% of the world’s population.

For wheat skin and gray eyes, apply gray and pastel green eyeshadow under your eyebrows and use gray eyeliner.

Choose your blush and lipstick in rose tones.

For dusky skin and gray eyes, apply amber eyeshadow and a matte rose lipstick.

Use rose blush and black mascara.

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Prom Makeup looks for Black dress

prom makeup looks

We complete our provincial makeup with clothes suitable for our skin color and makeup materials such as lipstick, eye shadow and blush that are suitable for my clothes.

Recently, we often try to complete our clothes with our makeup by applying the most suitable makeup to our clothes.

There is no one who does not know the harmony of black and red color.

There is no one who does not know the harmony of black and red color.

The harmony of black dress and red lipstick is a legend! If you think that red lipstick suits you, your choice should definitely be red lipstick.

Especially if you apply a red lipstick, you can turn this makeup into a very assertive makeup by completing it with eyeliner, mascara and dark eyeshadow.

Of course, the intensity of eyeliner, eye shadow and eye makeup to be used in this makeup should vary according to your skin color.

With the colors you suit yourself, etc. may vary.

When applying eye shadow, what you need to do is to increase the darkness in stages by applying the lightest color to the eye springs.

When starting your eyeshadow, complete it from light to dark towards the corners of the eyes, with the eye springs open.

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Prom Makeup looks for White dress

prom makeup looks

The choice of white dress is a very good choice.

While the white dress is one of the most preferred colors, another reason for this is its usefulness.

Compatibility with the white dress brings freedom in hair and makeup.

A bright and assertive eye makeup on a white dress will look very impressive.

Regardless of whether it is matte or glossy, you can choose a color that is compatible with the accessories in lip makeup.

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Prom Makeup looks for Red dress

prom makeup looks

Exaggerated makeups are made with flamboyant red dresses, which are preferred on invitations and special nights, but this is one of the mistakes made by women wearing red dresses.

When wearing a red dress, the makeup should be as simple as possible.

Multi-colored eyeshadows in purple, green or blue tones should be avoided, and gray or brown tones should be preferred.

On the lips, a nude or a lipstick in the same tone as the dress can be applied.

If you are wearing a red dress, you can make a natural makeup using pastel tones.

For this, apply a transparent and concealing foundation on your clean skin.

Use concealer to cover the dark circles around your eyes.

Gently distribute the eyeshadow in pastel shades of your choice on your eyelids with your ring finger or a brush.

You can use eyeliner or eyeliner if you wish.

Apply a single coat of mascara to your lashes, wait for it to dry a little, then apply the second coat.

Your lipstick choice can be in red or nude tones.

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Prom Makeup looks for Blue dress

prom makeup looks

A blue dress gives a feeling of lightness, airiness.

You can create soft and romantic images with a blue dress.

If you’re wearing a blue dress and want to make up in shades of blue, this might not be a good idea.

You should make up mostly in black-gray tones or beige and brown tones.

If you prefer makeup in these tones, you will create a contrast between your makeup and your dress.

Use 2 shades of dark pink blush from your skin tone.

If it’s time to choose lipstick, give preference to pale shades of pink or orange.

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Prom Makeup looks for Pastel color dresses

prom makeup looks

Pastel colors are the matte tones of the main colors that we can call a little pale.

In colors, we name hues by their saturation and brightness.

Colors with decreasing brightness and saturation are called pastel colors.

It is not very convenient to use pastel colors with bright and very dark colored items.

Although they are sometimes compatible with black, using them with softer colors such as gray, cream, light brown will create a much more harmonious combination.

However, this rule is not true for makeup.

If the dress is in pastel tones, you should choose dark shades for eye makeup.

Otherwise, a faded look will appear that is not suitable for night invitations.

Dark eyeshadows such as black, navy blue, burgundy and thick eyeliner are ideal for pastel colored evening dresses.

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Prom Makeup looks for Green dress

prom makeup looks

If you are wearing an assertive dress such as green, you should avoid heavy makeup on your face.

Instead of drowning the beauty of your dress with intense greens that you will apply on your eyelids, you can use light tones of makeup on your face and leave your beauty to your dress.

It will be more successful to apply a standard makeup with only a light green shade.

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Asian Prom Makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Natural, radiant and healthy makeups, which are among the beauty trends of recent years, have been inspired by the makeup concept of Asians and reflected to the present day.

Even the skin of Asian women and even gentlemen look shiny and smooth.

Even though their skin care rituals have an effect on this, their understanding of makeup also supports this attitude.

The detail that Koreans attach most importance to in their understanding of makeup is a baby-like, white skin.

The second most important element is the cheeks that appear to be flushed from shame.

You can also fill your eyebrows according to your own face shape and lightly scan and fix them.

In eye makeup, you can use pigmented but natural, usually powdery, pink, shimmering or earth tones colors and distribute them.

Or thin, light, low-tail eyeliners will work.

Mascara preferences are generally products that separate and lengthen one by one.

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Retro prom makeup looks

prom makeup looks

Retro makeups, reflecting the fashion trend of the 1960s, have recently started to rise again.

This fashion trend, which first made itself felt in our clothes, later started to become evident in the field of makeup and cosmetics.

Since the most important feature of retro prom makeup looks is a natural-looking skin, you should choose a foundation with a matte texture in the color of your skin.

The light pink blush that you will apply only to your cheekbones will reveal your lips and eyes more.

Of course, eyeliner is a must for retro makeup.

One end of the eyeliner that you will apply in the form of wings should reach your temples, while the other end should end on your eyelid.

To support the most important element, eyeliner, mascara application is a must.

The mascara that you will apply intensely will emphasize your eyelashes and draw all the attention to your regular eye makeup.

You can give volume to your lips with your lipstick of fire red or wine color tones, and then apply transparent powder to increase its permanence.

And so the retro prom makeup looks end.

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The Power of Red

prom makeup looks

In the previous sections, we talked about how striking a color red is.

If you have full lips, you should definitely use red lipstick.

Apply red lipstick with a simple eye makeup and see everything with your own eyes.

You don’t even need to do headlights in this makeup.

You can only use mascara in your eye makeup.

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Festival Spirit

prom makeup looks

If you want to have a fun look, festival prom makeup looks are for you.

Your makeup should be durable and colorful enough to match the feet of the festival! Plus, you can easily do this makeup yourself.

When it comes to festive makeup, we see bright, lively and sparkling makeups.

For long-lasting skin makeup, start by using a primer.

For foundation, choose a product that will look natural.

To fix the skin makeup, be sure to use transparent powder when going to festivals.

Colorful eye makeup is a must for festivals! You can get more effective results in colored eye makeup, as you eliminate the color inequality on the eyelid when you apply eyeshadow base.

Apply the turquoise color in the eyeshadow palette on my eyelid and distribute it towards the outer corners of your eyes.

Then apply the orange eyeshadow towards the crease of your eyes and distribute it towards your eyebrows for a natural look.

Get a bright eye make-up by applying holographic glitter effect eyeliner only to your eye springs.

Carefully apply mascara from the base of the lashes to the ends.

Get voluminous lashes by always applying two coats of mascara when going to festivals or special occasions.

This is just one of those festival prom makeup looks! You can make different prom makeup looks according to your own taste and imagination.

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Our post ends here.

Which prom makeup looks do you prefer? If you want to add another prom makeup looks or express your opinion, please comment below.

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