25+ STYLISH and Different Dress Styles

The word fashion is derived from “modo”, which comes to the Latin word “right now”. When we hear the word fashion, we usually think of style and clothing.

If we ask a few people what fashion means to you, we will get different answers. In fact, fashion, which should not be overlooked, is unique to everyone. So everyone’s style is their own!

One of the clothes we prefer in our daily life is dresses. We often prefer dresses not only for daily life, but also for private occasions. But sometimes it is difficult to decide. In fact, we have a lot to choose from – there are many different dress styles.

We will share many different dress styles with you so that you do not have trouble making your decision. You will get full information about 25+ different dress styles. You will learn about their name and definition, their history and how they should be combined.



different dress styles

The simplest answer to the question of what a midi dress means, we can explain it in terms of the dress whose length is below the knee. Midi boy showed itself as a fashion in the 1970s.

Midi-size dresses are generally preferred by tall people. Stylish midi dress models, each more elegant than the other, impress with their style and trend models as well as their ease of use.

The most important point when choosing clothes is to dress in accordance with body lines. Almost every style and model of clothing suits tall women, while shorter women look shorter or fatter when not paying attention to the length of the dress and skirt.

Here are suggestions for combining with midi skirts or dresses:

  • If you are going to use a midi skirt, consider the model of the skirt when choosing the top piece. If your skirt is pleated, flared or bell model, definitely choose the narrow cut. In this way, you can highlight the model of your skirt and make your waist look weaker.
  • If you are not tall and think that the midi skirt makes you look fatter than you are, avoid ankle-length models. In this case, the size you should prefer should be slightly below the kneecap. It is also an advantage for short women to use high-heeled shoes in a midi skirt combination.
  • Another point that short women should pay attention to when combining midi skirt is that they avoid high waist skirts. It’s also helpful to tuck the top into the skirt to look more elegant.

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different dress styles

Maxi dress is a long dress that extends to the ankle and even covers the shoes. These dress models are not only used in spring and summer, but also have a feature that can be used easily in winter as long as you pay attention to a few details. It is quite difficult to wear thick, hard-structured clothes in summer.

Therefore, make sure that the fabric of all your clothes, including your clothes, is not too stiff and thick. Likewise, your maxi dress should be neither too hard nor too soft. If it is suitable for seasonal conditions, it must have it.

In order to make your combinations more professional and cool, you can make more stylish combinations by throwing denim jacket, shirt, casual jackets on a suspended maxi dress. Your dress must be full length.

There are many reasons why we prefer maxi dresses:

Being comfortable and providing comfortable movement opportunity. Since they have a plentiful and flighty structure, they have the feature of keeping cool. When you find the model that fits your body, it makes you look taller and weaker than you are.
Since they have a one-piece model, you do not have to deal with the combination by combining different parts. This will help you prepare quickly. Because of these features, it is appreciated by all women.

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different dress styles

Generally, dresses above the knee are called mini dress. Short skirts or dresses have existed for a long time, though they were generally not called “mini” or recognised as a fashion trend until the 1960s.

One of the savior clothes of summer is mini dresses. Mini dresses are easily combined. Although the mini dress is one of the pieces that we identify with the summer months; It can also be worn in winter when paired with the right pieces. Long, knee-high boots, biker jackets, coats, underpants; berets, scarves and hats.

One of our favorite combinations in summer is mini dress and sneakers. We all use the mini dress and sneakers combination frequently. This duo that you can combine with thick socks and fun accessories; It can also be worn in winter with a coat that is the same size as the dress or a leather jacket for a slightly more vamp style.

Thick heeled boots that will increase your leg length create a really stylish and sophisticated look with a mini dress.

You can get help from long cardigans in daily life to combine your mini dress.

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different dress styles

One of the simplest style of different dress styles is this dress. Shift dress is a short sleeveless dress that hangs from the shoulders. Suitable for all body types and sizes – anyone can wear the solid design. The dress is usually worn alone or with socks and has been popular since the 1960s.

The shift dress is short and straight, with a simple line. It stays loose over the body from the shoulders and is held together by the side panels. The neckline is typically high with a boat neck collar, but many new styles have appeared in recent years. Additional features may include collars, A-line skirt, or an empire waist dress.

In all seasons, summer sandals, boots and coats in autumn, tights and sweaters in winter, scarves and heels in spring can be worn.

Depending on the fabric, color, and texture, the dress in shift can create a variety of looks. A plain white or black shift is stylish and seductive, and a brightly colored slip in bold patterns is fun and flirty, while a pastel slip with bows is innocent and sleigh.

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different dress styles

The most important features of these dresses are that they adhere to the body starting from the chest and cover the whole body. However, if used correctly, no dress will look as beautiful as this dress. This style of dresses is used in two different sizes, mini and midi. This type of dress with long sleeves looks very beautiful.

You can actually wear these dresses both in the evening and during the day. The important thing is what you combine with. If you want a stylish and classic look in the evening, you can combine these dresses with stylish high heels and a simple make-up and create a very nice evening outfit.

However, if you want to use it in daily life, you can wear nice sneakers or sandals, and you can wear a nice denim jacket on it. You can create casual style.

You can use suitable accessories for these dresses to match the winter months. For example, with stylish scarves around your neck, you can instantly put the dress in closed and winter mode. This dress will look magnificent when you combine it with thick opaque socks, short boots and a tight leather jacket.

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different dress styles

These types of dresses mostly have a solid cut like the dresses in the photo and a soft or hard skirt. Traditionally, A-shaped dresses are sewn sleeveless, with open shoulders or with short sleeves, less often long sleeves. Collars on A-shaped dresses are very diverse: standing collar, turn-down, shark collar, and others.

A little black dress with A-silhouette in your wardrobe will be a dress for all occasions. It can be worn in both winter and summer.

A-line dresses are perfect for any body shape.

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different dress styles

Who invented the wrap dress, which is a dress that we can wear comfortably every season in summer and winter, and we can make all kinds of combinations? American fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg designed this comfortable dress in 1972.

This dress is famous for its seamless look. Since this dress model is wide and loose, it is suitable for many body shapes. At the same time, this dress model is one of the preferred dress models to hide excess weight.

You can use this dress model to get a stylish, simple or even sporty look. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of accessories.

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different dress styles

If you are complaining about narrow shoulders, your choice should be halter cut. Especially if your shoulders are narrower than your hips, these tops will balance your body proportions.

On the other hand, if your shoulders are already wide, it is necessary to pay more attention to the other parts when wearing halter collars. In addition, if you choose a single color dress, you will appear longer because your body will not be split.

In fact, it is a collar cut that has been used frequently in both blouses and dresses from the past to the present. The most important reason for choosing this collar, which is widely used in office style especially on hot days, is that it provides an elegant elegance. It also adds an athletic look.

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different dress styles

It wouldn’t be if we didn’t talk about the pencil dress when talking about different dress styles.

Pencil dresses fully wrap the body. Pencil dresses look nice when worn alone, as well as pencil dresses when used with a jacket.
When combining pencil dresses and jackets, you should pay attention to your height and choose accordingly.

Pencil dress combinations will make you look more stylish and attractive with the right shoes. You can wear flat sandals, half-heeled sandals, sneakers, open-heeled shoes, wedge heel shoes, block heel shoes and stiletto under the pencil dress.

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different dress styles

A sheath dress has a body-close silhouette and can be a bumping hemline anywhere from the middle of the thigh to the mid-calf. The neckline may vary, but a suitable waist is the focal point of this type of dress.

The sleeves are also usually sleeveless, and when they’re longer than the middle of the thigh, a back slit makes it easier to get in.

Sheath dresses were popularized in the 1990s by American designers such as Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren, who favored minimal, uncomplicated designs, but the style’s roots date back to the early 1900s.

Due to its fairly broad definition, the sheath dress can come in many forms and can also be stylish or casual depending on the fabric and cut. Shorter sheath dresses are great for parties and cocktail events.

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different dress styles

Peplum is actually the name given to the appearance of a short skirt piece tied to the waist of the jacket. Peplum was actually born in the 19th century. However, it became very popular in the 1940s.

Nowadays it is mostly used as an additional skirt piece mounted on the waist of dresses and skirts. Peplum is most often seen in dresses and pencil skirts.

I don’t know if you would agree with my opinion or not, but I think peplum creates a feminine look.

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different dress styles

Slip dress models are generally thin dresses designed with fabrics such as satin and silk, which we can say between the nightdress and the dress, with lace on the skirt or collar of the dress.

Slip dresses are generally made of satin and silk fabric and have straps like spaghetti. Sometimes, as in nightgowns, slip dresses are decorated with guipure and lace. They are light and simple dresses for summer.

Actually, I think it is a very risky dress. Sewing from very thin fabric can completely reveal your body contours. If you don’t have a beautiful physique, I think it might not be worth taking that much risk.

This is the most stylish one of the different dress styles.

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different dress styles

Smock dresses are popular with women of all ages. However, petites, may hesitate to wear bulky clothing. To solve this problem, choose an smock dress with a shorter hem.

If you have a short height, you should pay attention to the dress length and shoe selection. Wrong choice of shoes can make your height seem shorter. If you are tall, you will not have such a problem.

This style of dresses looks great with boots. If you wear a faux leather jacket on it, it will be great.

This is the most comfortable one of the different dress styles.

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different dress styles

Asymmetric word meaning of any object is the situation where the parts on both sides of the structure do not resemble each other according to an axis passing through the middle of the structure.

Asymmetrical dress models without axial counterpart. It is used for dresses that do not have symmetry and are not the same on the right and left with respect to the line passing through the vertical axis of the body.

Sometimes the dress is longer in the front in the back or shorter on one side. You can also find sleeveless asymmetrical dresses on one side and long sleeves on the other.

I think this is the most stylish one of the different dress styles.

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different dress styles

It wouldn’t be if we didn’t talk about the high-low dress when talking about different dress styles. Nowadays, it seems like a model dress that is rarely used, but it is actually a very comfortable dress.

It is suitable for all body shapes.

You can use this style of dresses at weddings. It is also necessary to ensure harmony with the space while choosing the evening dress. The size of the place, its atmosphere, the inspiration it gives, its theme are among the issues that will directly affect the choice of evening dresses.

You can use it to get a stylish or casual look. You just need to pay attention to your choice of accessories and shoes.

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different dress styles

Princess cut evening dresses, which are fluffy and known as the ball type, are dresses that are defined as voluminous and active from the waist. These cuts have the feature of swelling at the waist and hiding the hips and hips in the best way. Models that emphasize and highlight the waist are referred to as “Princess Cut”.

The important point in princess cut evening dresses is described as the starting point of the skirt. Whether your waist is too low or too high does not mean anything.

The starting point of the skirt cut can be adjusted according to the thinness, thickness, leg length or shortness of the burke. People who prefer princess cut evening dresses look flashy and romantic at the invitations.

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different dress styles

This dress model, which highlights and highlights the body lines, is also not preferred for dress models that can be worn on a daily basis.

In evening dresses, it is one of the most preferred dress models such as wedding dresses, engagement parties and evening dresses.

The most important point to be considered is that it is necessary to have a flawless, smooth and perfect body structure. So not everyone can wear the fish-cut dress.

Even if you are not very tall, fish cut dress models can be preferred by using high heels.

Every woman should choose the model that best suits her body structure and adopt her unique style with different accessories and color options.

This is the most attractive one of the different dress styles.

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different dress styles

If you’re ready to debut while making an impact, show off your assets in a tube dress! Tight, shapely and strapless.

This dress is the ideal style for summer nights when you want to look sexy and seductive without compromising on keeping yourself cool.

This dress is great for all body types as the figure-hugging silhouette reinforces your best features!

These model dresses are my favorite.

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different dress styles

OFF-shoulder models often attract attention in dresses and blouses. Off-shoulder dresses that appeal to all tastes with different color and pattern options are key to looking feminine.

The off – shoulder trend we see on the beaches, day and night clothes in the summer months has been adapted to the winter season as the weather gets colder and took its place in the shop windows. Low-shoulder knitwear sweaters and dresses are particularly trendy.

If you prefer a ruffle detailed design, your shoulder structure should not be too wide and your breasts should be large. Otherwise, frills will make you look wider and larger than they are.

For this reason, choose plain and straight models. If your shoulders are narrow, you can easily use ruffle detailed designs.

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different dress styles

Off-the-shoulder outfits are also called “Bardot collars”. Actually, it is the special style of off-shouldres style dresses.

Brigitte Bardot, the leading actor of the movie “And God Created Woman”, published in 1956, drew attention with her low-cut outfits.

Bardot, a female figure of the 1950s and 60s, symbolizes the elegance and beauty of the French woman. She blended sexy and innocent beauty with her open-shoulder clothes.

Brigitte Bardot is a fashion icon that left her mark with her elegance.

This style of dresses make you look feminine.

It is one of the first styles that come to mind when we talk about different dress styles. This is one of the most attractive style of the different dress styles.

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different dress styles

Strapless collar, in its simplest definition, is a strapless and sleeveless collar cut. Strapless dresses with this neckline, strapless neckline are also called strapless dresses. It is mostly used in bridal gowns and evening dresses. They are models that are strapless, sit on the chest and grasp the breast.

The strapless collar, which first appeared in the mid-1800s, is a type of clothing that completely exposes the shoulders, wraps the body and ends at the waist.

Strapless clothes usually have a straight cut and are mostly used in one color. The strapless clothing collar can be straight or heart-shaped. The strapless outfit does not fall off despite being strapless, as it wraps the body tightly. Strapless clothes in different forms can be worn daily and are preferred mostly for special events and nights.

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different dress styles

There are days when you just can’t decide what to combine with what. Here are the shirt dress models that you must have in your wardrobe to create flawless elegance with a single piece on such days!

When you choose a shirt dress for a model that will be lightly loose on you, you will be able to create a sporty / stylish style and be very comfortable.

Loose shirt dresses create a great winter style with light heeled boots or boots; Your style will be ready when you wear your wool cardigan. When the weather gets warmer, you can combine your loose-fitting shirt with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats.

If you want to combine your shirt dress with heels, remember that a short dress can ruin everything!

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different dress styles

The first blazers appeared in Great Britain in 1825. Its predecessor can be called a marine jacket. For this reason, the blazer cannot be separated from marine contact.

Initially, these outfits were worn by rowing club members and later the blazer soon became the young ladies’ uniform of indoor English schools for girls. Then it became a flannel jacket embroidered with an embroidered school emblem on it.

This style of dresses will be your savior in office chic. You can create semi formal look.

With the arrival of the spring months, you can color your combinations with spring colors.

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different dress styles

Before making denim dress combinations, your first basic point will be to choose a denim dress suitable for your body structure.

Since there are many varieties in itself, do you have a short height or a pear body structure, knowing this body feature, choose a denim dress style.

After this stage, you have to choose shoes and accessories. Sports shoes, wedge sandals, high-heeled shoes can be combined with jeans dresses in the most appropriate way.

The bag should be certain in the selection of accessories. This dress is really stylish with bags, and it will also be a great combination with items such as watches, glasses, necklaces and bracelets.

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different dress styles

You can combine your sweater dress with stocking boots and a thin belt. You can get a more stylish look with the accessories you add.

You can combine it with leather jackets and sneakers to add a sporty feel to your sweater dress. You can also reflect the street fashion to your style with this combination.

sweater dresses in different colors and cuts come to the fore with their comfort and elegance. Shoes, jewelry and bags are indispensable for these combinations.

You can wear different styles with sweater dress combinations and at the same time enjoy the comfort! Sweater dresses, which we see more in autumn and winter, are actually possible to wear in all seasons. The production of fine knitwear is increasing gradually, considering the summer months.

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different dress styles

T-shirt dress combos are back. In the details of our article, you can find what you wonder about the t-shirt dress combinations that have been fashionable in the past years and have returned in the 2019 season and continued this return in the 2020 season.

Although T-shirt dresses are known as summer combinations, they are among the combinations used in cool weather. T-shirt dress combinations, which are the most popular part of street fashion, are often preferred in daily combinations.

You can be quite stylish and stylish with T-shirt dresses that give the air of mini dress.

Comfort is also at the forefront in the t-shirt dress shoe combination. For this reason, it is combined with sports shoes, flat sole sandals, block heel sandals.

Even if you wear a t-shirt dress, accessories can be the most important pieces of your clothing. Accessories that have the effect of making even your comfortable clothing stylish are our greatest saviors.

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We have listed 26 different dress styles in this post. However, this does not mean that there are only 26 different dress styles. There are many different styles that we haven’t listed such as pinafore dress, qipao dress, cocktail dress, long sleeve dress. And this list will grow as time goes on.

Is this post useful in your opinion? Which dress style do you like best? Which of dress styles we have listed is right for you? When you talk about dress styles, what are the first dress models that come to your mind?

For your suggestions and if you want to write your opinion about the post, do not forget to comment.

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