3 Amazing Movies like Sleepless in Seattle

In this post, we will talk about 5 movies like Sleepless in Seattle. First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the movie that is Sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle is a 1993 romantic comedy movie.

After his wife Maggie dies, Sam Baldwin and son Jonah move to Seattle. They think that they can get away from the pain of their death a little bit. However, eighteen years later, Sam is still grieving and suffering from insomnia. Although Jonah misses his mother very much, he wants his father to get a new life partner as soon as possible.

His son Jonah is a boy who wants a new mother but doesn’t like the women his father is dating. Eventually, Jonah takes matters into his own hands, forcing his father to attend a national radio show by phone. Sam speaks so sincerely and sensitively during the show that hundreds of women across the country write to him.

Meanwhile, Annie (Meg Ryan), one of the women listening to him that night, is engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman) and is happy. But strangely enough, there is an irresistible curiosity and desire to meet Sam. Also, Ryan and Hanks, who are distantly in love with each other, come face to face in only two scenes in the movie…

Two different lives are a bit of a challenge and although it is difficult to have such a possibility in reality, it is a production that those who still believe in love are happy to watch. First of all, if Tom Hanks is involved, you should definitely not miss it.

The soundtrack of the movie was successful, it was a true love movie, I would have liked to have had a little more Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan scenes.

Movies like Sleepless in Seattle

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love

movies like sleepless in seattle

While he believes that everything is going well in his life, Hal finds out that his wife Emily cheated on him and wants a divorce years later, while experiencing the difficulty of flirting with someone, he gets the support of his friend, handsome flirtatious Jacob. It is a movie about the hilarious and complex love affairs of Hal and the people around him, whose wonderful life is suddenly turned upside down.

2. Your Sister’s Sister

movies like sleepless in seattle

Your Sister’s Sister tells the intersecting paths of a young man devastated by the death of his brother and a young woman on the verge of depression. The death of his brother Tom is a complete disaster for Jack. Despite the passing of a year, he still mourns his brother’s death.

While Jack is throwing a memorial party, he receives an invitation from Tom’s best friend, Iris. Iris invites Jack to the island where his family is staying to clear his head. Jack, who accepts the invitation and goes to the island, thinks that he will be alone in the house, but encounters Iris’ sister Hannah.

Hannah, whose 7-year relationship ended abruptly and on the verge of depression, came to the island to collect herself. An unexpected affair develops between Hannah and Jack, who chat and drink one night. The next morning, Iris’ unexpected visit complicates things.

Comedy, Lynn Shelton is the director and screenwriter of the drama film. The cast of the film includes names such as Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mike Birbiglia. The cinematographer of the movie is Benjamin Kasulke, and the music is by Vinny Smith.

3. Ruby Spark

movies like sleepless in seattle

Ruby Sparks, whose screenplay was penned by Zoe Kazan and directed in collaboration with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, begins with the fictionalization of a romance novel by our young writer Calvin (Paul Dano) at a time when he lost his inspiration, lost his self-confidence and found himself alone after a very successful period.

One day, when he opens his eyes, he finds the girl he fell in love with while writing, and everything starts like this.

We listed 3 movies like Sleepless in Seattle. What other movies like Sleepless in Seattle would you recommend? Please comment below.

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