4 Awesome Drugstore Eye Creams

Awesome Drugstore Eye Creams

Our under eye area is one part of our body that can show the earliest signs of aging, particularly without proper care. Some genetic reasons, external stressors, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and lifestyle choices can also cause the skin around the eyes to age more quickly.

Under eye area is much prone to fine lines and wrinkles than the rest of our face because of how thin that skin is. So the dark circles and puffiness are very common around eye area.

So, it’s very important to use the best eye creams to protect our under eye area. As everyone else, I prefer the awesome drugstore eye creams which contain healthy ingredients.

There are so many creams for under eye area, but which of them are the awesome drugstore eye creams?

In this article, I’ll show you some of the awesome drugstore eye creams which are also rich with high quality ingredients.

Cerave Eye Repair Cream

Okay first let’s start off with the CERAVE eye repair cream. This specific eye cream is fragrance free and it is just 11 dollars.

So, this one is my favorite, and my first recommendation for girls who are searching the awesome drugstore eye creams. It is very nice and lightweight but it’s a little bit of a thicker cream compared to some of the other eye creams which have more of a gel-like consistency.

So I would say this is a good in-between a thicker true creamy occlusive moisturizing eye cream and then the ones that have the gel-like formulation. If you wanted in-between it, this might be perfect for you.

A little bit more about ingredients

Ingredient highlights in this specific eye cream there are quite a few, so the first is niacinamide which is amazing as far as antiaging goes and a lot of other things as well.

So, it is a scanner restoring ingredient that helps to make your skin appear brighter to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It minimizes sebum production, helps to reduce redness, and the list goes on and on.

Jojoba esters serve as emollient and occlusive agents on your skin which is really going to act as like a protector on the under eye area.

This also has ceramides in it of course just like all Serie B products. Ceramides essentially just have skin restoring benefits, and help prevent our skin from moisture loss.

Then finally, this does have sodium hyaluronic in it which is the salt from of hyaluronic acid. It’s more effective to use sodium hyaluronic than pure hyaluronic acid in skincare. Finally, it is very silky, but also feels hydrating.

Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

Next, we have the CETAPHIL hydrating eye gel cream with hyaluronic acid. It is for all skin types, deeply hydrates for 24 hours, and helps to brighten and smooth the under eye area.

It’s another example for the awesome drugstore eye creams. This retails for 13.50 dollars. Beautiful texture, extremely smooth even more lightweight than the CERAVE cream. The formulation is amazing but it has fragrance.

Although the fragrance is even not noticeable, but it is not a good recommendation in skincare.

Not only could have potentially cause redness, dryness, flakiness and just an immediate reaction upon application, but it also can cause you to develop an allergy long term, and also contribute to signs of aging.

Contains amazing ingredients…

So, it is a huge bummer, because this eye cream has some really amazing ingredients in it. And honestly, is it wasn’t for fragrance would be like the standout product from CETAPHIL.

It also has niceinamide and sodium hyaluronic, but on top of that it had a lot of other really awesome plant extracts like:

  • green tea extract – to help to soothe the skin,
  • licorice extract – which is supposed to be good for sensitive and red skin,
  • portulaca extract – that is just supposed to be a potent antioxidant with skin smoothing properties.

Versed Zero-G Smoothing Eye Cream

Next we have the VERSED ZERO-G smoothing eye cream with algae extract and peptides which is exactly one of the awesome drugstore eye creams.

This one retails for 17.99 dollars, and is fragrance free. The consistency is unlike any other eye creams.

That feels so effing good. This feels like a whipped mousse that’s super lightweight. It is so soft but also feels very hydrating.

It is as far as thickness, and feels a little bit thicker than the CERAVE eye cream, but it still feels lightweight.

And the ingredient list is great; there are so many high quality ingredients in here that are going to help to replenish, nourish, and hydrate the under eye area.

A little bit pricier, but incredible consistency!

It contains algae extract which is an antioxidant that has skin smoothing agents, and is supposed to help to protect the skin.

This has shea butter in it which is a delicious emollient, very softening, and helps to hydrate the under eye area. Then it has olive oil as well which is a really nice skin smoothing ingredient.

It also has sodium hyaluronic in it and then have a peptide complex that helps to restore and condition the skin.

So overall thoughts on this eye cream: Yes, this is a little bit pricier than the CERAVE eye cream, but you’re getting really amazing ingredients and this consistency is incredible!

So this one is also a good example for an awesome drugstore eye cream.

Neutrogena Eye Gel Cream

Awesome drugstore eye cream
Awesome drugstore eye creams

Then we have the NEUTROGENA eye gel cream. The price point is 14.97 dollars. This awesome drugstore eye cream has sodium hyaluronic, glycerin in it which are both really nice ingredients.

It also has sodium hydroxide in it which is a potential skin sensitizer. The consistency is like spot on with the CETAPHIL consistency, ultra lightweight gel-like formulation.

So, it’s so well underneath makeup, it’s just perfect for daytime. But it doesn’t have really much else in it to make it incredible standout eye cream.

Besides that, don’t forget to use the sun cream daily to get healthier skin. You may also look best sunblock for everyday use.

That’s all about awesome drugstore eye creams article. If this one was helpful, please share your thoughts with others and look through our another article on the similar subject.

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