DETAILED CONTENT! Why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?

Why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?

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As all of us know, wearing makeup is the most important part for most of the women in their everyday life.  From foundations to mascaras, from  eyeliners to highlighters, there is a large number of makeup items that can help make women feel better about themselves. Mainly, makeup is used to change the way we look, to feel more confident and of course to hide our shortcomings.

Almost every woman wants to wear different types of eye makeups in their lifetime. If you are the one who interested in the question “why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?”, you are in the right place!

The most sensitive part of our body!

Our eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. So it is important to be careful while using undereye creams, or wearing eye makeup, etc. And first important point here is hand hygiene. People with sensitive eyes make a big mistake by not washing their hands before coming in contact with their eye area. Try to avoid all that by using your everyday hand soap. And certainly, being free from unnatural chemicals mean it will be more hydrating for your hands.

Besides that, there might be another answer to the question “why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?”. This is about the products that we use during makeup. Makeup products can enhance their look, but unfortunately, some ingredients found in beauty products can cause irritation to sensitive eyes. And besides that, some of these products can present dangers to overall eye health. Color additives, fragrances, parabens, talc, preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, sulfates are that type of ingredients which may be dangerous for our eyes.

When eyes are prone to watering and extra sensitive, you must be so careful about checking ingredient lists for all the eye makeup you are considering. Firstly, you should make sure that the formulas you’re using are gentle and free of irritants.

A huge number of eye-area products including eyeshadows, mascaras, and eyeliners contain potentially sensitizing ingredients, such as fragrance. But that is not all. There are some “hidden” fragrance ingredients like denatured or SD alcohol, ethylene brassylate and etc. These ingredients greatly affect the potential for eyes to react.

If you prefer foundations or concealers that contain sunscreen which is a great way to get extra protection from UV light – choose formulas with the mineral actives titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Although synthetic actives likeoctinoxate and avobenzoneprovide great sun protection. But do not forget that they also can irritate sensitive eyes when applied right next to them. Generally, mineral-only sunscreen formulas are gentle on the eyes, so they are the best way to go.

Don’t miss this step!

If you are searching an answer to the question “why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?”, read carefully; An important step in taking care routine of your sensitive eyes comes at the end of the day. You must remove your makeup completely in order to make sure that your eyes are not at risk for redness or puffiness the next day. Mascara and eyeliner have a greater chance of migrating into your eyes if you do not remove them before going to bed, pushing them further into skin. Since many people with sensitive eyes prone to watering try to use waterproof formulas, you should make sure that you have a gentle and the most important step – fragrance free eye

Why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?

makeup remover that is also strong enough to remove waterproof makeup without the need for rubbing the eyes and eyelashes.

Easy eye makeup tips for your sensitive eyes

Here, we give you a few easy tips for eye makeup for sensitive eyes to avoid from the above issues like eye watering, itching and so on in our “why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?” article.

First, we should say that one of the most important tips for sensitive eyes is that you should not forget to clean your brushes regularly, because dirt gets accumulated as you are using the brushes, so using unclean brushes might lead to different type of eye infections. Clean the brushes using just a mild soap or shampoo and leave them to dry on a clean towel.

The next tip is about eye shadows. People who have sensitive eyes always have a problem with powder eye shadows. And the reason is that powder eye shadows flake. But unlike the powder shadows, the creamy shadows are more suitable since they do not flake. You also need to avoid the glittery or shimmery eyeshadows. Because they would even more irritate your eyes if they are sensitive.

Another point here is that everyone with sensitive eyes should stay away from lining their inner eye. Many makeup artists recommend using a white kohl pencil to line the inner eye line, in order to make them look bigger. Of course, this would look good. But unfortunately people who have sensitive eyes should avoid lining the inner eye. Try to remember that people with sensitive eyes should always use a liner or pencil outside the lash line. You can also get some tips about eye makeup by clicking.

And you need not worry if you have sensitive eyes, you can still find the best eye makeup for sensitive eyes. Many makeup brands today, have taken extra steps to create eye makeup products of good quality without adding damaging ingredients. Some brands have so many products which are so good for sensitive eyes. Do not be scared to try different brands until you find the one which suits you the best.

Many of us might throw the makeup products when we haven’t used them after a few months. But doing that can really help your sensitive eyes. Even though you had kept them so clean, there is always the risk of bacteria getting into your makeup products. It is always best to replace all makeup products with new ones frequently, especially your eye products to reduce eye irritations.

Now, the most interesting fact for me about mascaras: You should stay away using mascaras, which are formulated to lengthen your eyelashes. Because the fibers in such mascaras could cause irritation in your sensitive eyes. You may click to get more eye makeup tips.

why are my eyes so sensitive to makeup?

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