Why Do My Teeth Hurt at Night?

The tooth pain that almost everyone suffers becomes a nightmare for some.

While it is very painful for some, according to others, this pain can go on a normal course.

In particular, the occurrence of dental caries due to oral disorders can cause toothache.

Same time; Factors such as dentin sensitivity, impacted teeth, gingival pain, or sinus infection also cause toothache.

While the pain threshold differs from person to person, it has turned into a completely subjective concept.

After the pain appears, everyone is looking for the solution on the Internet.

The solution to toothache, which is among the most difficult pain and complaints, will be sought by those who suffer from this pain.

A toothache caused by reasons such as intraoral discomfort and sensitivities, decayed teeth, impacted teeth, gum disease should be treated.

Oral health should be important for everyone and attention should be paid to this situation.

The emergence of toothaches, especially at night, is also wondered and investigated by the citizens.

So Why do My Teeth Hurt at Night?

In fact, when we look at the concept of pain in general, not only toothache but all changes in the body come out at night.

Since there is no daylight benefit at night, the benefit we get from daylight ends at around 03.00.

Hormonal changes begin in the body.

Body metabolism goes down to the lowest level we call basal metabolism.

But the problem is; While trying to repair cavities in our teeth or inflammations in our gums, the body can switch to basal metabolism.

This time, the amount of healing blood cells around the problem area increases significantly and causes pressure pain in that area.

This toothache, the pressure pain caused by the cells trapped in the bone, wakes everyone up in the middle of the night.

Irregular care of the teeth and not brushing will cause food residues to remain and damage the enamel of the teeth.

The discomfort here does not stay with that area, it goes up to mouth sores, gum recession, tooth decay.

It can even cause toothlessness in the future.

Swelling on the face due to inflammation is one of these situations.

At the same time, it is necessary to treat this pain, as the irritation of the tooth must be removed.

This type of toothache wakes people from sleep and is a serious condition.

It should definitely be checked by a doctor and personal care should be done regularly.

At the same time, this should not be neglected, as the increase in caries in the tooth may cause root canal treatment.

I can’t Sleep from Toothache What Should I Do?

Why do my teeth hurt at night? You already know the answer to this question.

Do not be afraid, if a toothache begins suddenly at night.

You can relieve toothache without using pain medications with home remedies or easy methods.

Gargle with saltwater

Saltwater is a natural disinfectant. Therefore, giving weight to the area of ​​discomfort and gargling with salt water for both oral and dental health will reduce the severity of the pain.

Cold compress

Cold compress application for any pain or toothache can reduce the severity of the pain as well as relieve it. Cold pressure placed on the aching tooth will help with this condition.


Garlic, a natural antibiotic, is a panacea. Putting garlic on the aching tooth will also reduce the pain.

Clove oil

Pouring clove oil on the aching tooth or chewing powdered cloves will show you that this situation is relieved.


Onion is a natural antibiotic and prevents germs, reduces infections and inflammations. In this case, you can treat inflammation and infection in the tooth area with onions.


Note that solutions such as any pain reliever and cologne should not be applied to the aching tooth.

Because, due to their chemical structure, such drugs may cause irritation in the gums and surrounding soft tissues.

This will lead to the formation of second pain in addition to toothache.

If there is swelling on the face due to inflammation, a cold compress should be applied to that area.

In order not to mislead the doctor, it is useful to go to the dentist as soon as possible before taking medication.

If you cannot go, a painkiller should be taken.

However, painkillers become insufficient after a short period of time.

Taking a lot of painkillers is also not a solution for pain, it only hurts the stomach.

If a cavity has formed on the tooth due to caries, a cotton ball soaked with a little clove oil can be placed there.

However, care should be taken to ensure that this oil does not leak into the gums while performing this procedure.

Because clove oil also has the ability to destroy soft tissues.

If a toothache is intense and bothers you a lot, an emergency may occur.

Especially if not for the moment, it is possible to go to the emergency room for toothache, since there is a risk of spreading to other organs later on.

The tooth decay is cleaned by anesthesia by the dentist.

Thus, the inflammatory pressure in the tooth is reduced.

Then, the nerve of the tooth is removed and root canal treatment is performed.

This is a completely personal situation.

That is all about our ” Why do my teeth hurt at night? ” article. I hope you found a detailed answer to the question “Why do my teeth hurt at night?”.

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