Why is cutting of nails and hair painless?

Why is cutting of nails and hair painless?

We all have noticed that whenever any part of our body is cut, we experience terrible pain but when we cut out nails or hair, we do not feel any pain. But why is cutting of nails and hair painless?

A lot of people wants to know the answer of this question. But the answer is simple. Firstly, let’s consider our nails. Do you know what are they made of?

Nails are the special structures of the body which are made of dead cells.

Yes, they formed from the outer layer of the skin

Why is cutting of nails and hair painless?
Why is cutting of nails and hair painless?

They are made up of a hard material which is called keratin. And it is a kind of dead protein. The base of our nails is located inside the skin of the fingers.

The same answer can be given to the second part of the question about hairs. Similarly, the hair is also a filamentous structure that is made of keratin – a dead protein. The hair grows about 13 millimeters each month on our head.

Everyone of us have about 100,000 hairs on our head. The root which is base of the hair is in the form of a round bulb. About 50 to 100 hairs fall every single day.

Each of our hair usually lasts for about 3 years and then it falls. And new hairs grow to replace the fallen ones. They are called foliates and grow out of pits in the skin and. And, it is the shape of these follicles that makes our hair wavy, straight or curly.

And there is another reason that can be shown as an answer to the question: “Why is cutting of nails and hair painless?

If we come to the question “why is cutting of nails and hair painless” we can say that as we know, we feel any type of pain by our nerve endings. So to feel pain we need nerve endings.

And whenever a body tissue containing nerve endings is injured, the nerve is stimulated and it sends pain signal to our brain.

But the hair and part of nails that we cut, does not contain nerve endings. So when we cut or injure nails or hair we cannot feel pain because that part of our body can’t send pain signals to the brain.

We may feel any pain when we cut too much of nail or pull hair, because that parts of our body contain nerve endings which send pain signals to our brain.

As nails hair do not have nerve endings, cutting them does not produce pain.So it explains why is cutting of nails and hair painless. However, cells at the base of our hair and a nail are living cells and obviously they have nerve endings. So, if a nail is cut from the base or if a hair is plucked off, the pain is felt. The fingernails enhance our ability to scratch and separate, such as hairs on our head.

Anyone of us can also use their fingernails to pick up some items. There is an intricate network of nerves underneath the nail while you may not think of the nails as being as sensitive as your fingertips.

Haircuts do not hurt because our hair is not alive

The hair is made out of a protein which is called keratin. Only the root of the hair is alive and growing. This is a part growing inside the skin on our head from tiny holes which are called follicles.

So if plucking out a hair by the roots hurts. But cutting or trimming our hair is painless. And that is also the same reason why it does not hurt to cut our toenails or fingernails, which are also made of keratin.

But what about nails? Nails are formed of dead cells. And they do not have nerve endings that our bodies use to send the pain sensation to our brains.

When we pull on your nail hard it pains because the nail is attached to the body’s dermal layer that contains nerve endings which can sense nail pull and transmit impulse (message of nail pull) to brain and as a reaction effector neuron of the nerve ending makes us feel the pain.

Because of all reasons listed above, cutting of nails or hair doesn’t cause any pain on our body. Now we know that why is cutting of nails and hair painless.

Some additional interesting facts! Did you know?

  • It is absolutely normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. Our hair loss will vary in accordance with the season, diet, pregnancy, age, and illness. But anyone who notices thinning hair should see a dermatologist in order to prevent this.
  • Hairstyles that pull the hair, like braids and ponytails, can cause hair loss.
  • Fingernails grow 0.1 millimeters every single day and toenails grow 1 millimeter a month. Fingernails grow faster than toenails, and it is very interesting fact that nails grow faster during the summer than the winter.
  • The hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body, and the first one is bone marrow.

A healthy strand of hair can stretch an additional 30 per cent when it is wet

  • As soon as a hair is plucked from its follicle, the new one begins to grow.
  • Our middle fingernail grows faster than our other fingers. It is proved that the nail on middle finger has fastest growth rate while the thumbnail has slowest growth rate. And our thumbnail grows the slowest. Additionally, nails grow at a faster rate in males compared to females.
  • At different times, 10 per cent of hair is resting, while the other 90 per cent is growing.
  • Hair is made up of mostly keratin, the same substance which makes up most of horses tails, manes and hooves.
  • Increasing your water intake can cause dry fingernails.
  • Let’s also note that our nails are designed for protecting not only the fingertips and toe tips but also the surrounding soft tissue from any possible external injuries.
  • The habit of nail biting has a medical name which is known as onychophagia.
  • Scientists have found out that the excessive stress can actually inhibit the growth of nails in individuals.

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