Why is Personal Image Important ?

What is a personal image? Why is it important? What is its role in the business world? You can find detailed answers to all of these questions in our article.

In the 1950s, Albert Mehrabian, a pioneering researcher, found that the total effect of the message was 7% verbal, 38% sound, and 55% appearance and action.

He also found that the verbal component of the face to face interview was less than 35% and 65% of the communication was non-verbal.

The Law of Attraction always works in this world.

If you project a positive image, people will be attracted to you more easily because you appear positive and talented.

If you project a negative image, people may try to ignore you or even dismiss you because you seem negative and lack self-esteem.

Personal image is key to human personality and behavior.

Changing your personal image means changing your personality and behavior.

Statistics show that 95% of employers say that the personal appearance of a job seeker influences the applicant’s opinion of his suitability for the job.

91% said they believed the dressing and grooming reflected the applicant’s attitude towards the company.

61% said dressing and grooming affected subsequent promotions.

This shows that a successful personal image helps our professions.

The key to success in business is to balance your skills and performance with a brilliant professional image.

According to research, physically attractive women and men earn more than average-looking people.

In today’s market as a whole, the image has a greater impact on earnings than education.

The Power of Personal Image in Business

the power of personal image in business

Appearance, Body Language, and Communication skills – these areas can be discussed for hours.

So today it’s all about providing the bare basis of personal image for you to consider when going to a meeting.

Basic hygiene and grooming – clean yourself, clean shoes.

It is very important to look like you have made an effort in terms of hair (or hair styling) and nails.

If you don’t come out with clean nails, people will doubt your ability to do your job, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

Well-fitting clothes – thus they look like they are yours!

Clean and well-groomed shoes – although they are on the ground, most people notice the condition of the shoes.

Appropriate color options – think about what the colors you choose might mean and if this appropriates the meeting context.

Red, for example, denotes the power and dynamism in Western culture.

Open body language – no matter how you feel, you have to make sure you take a proper place.

Don’t squeeze your arms across your body in any way, such as folding them.

Emotion in your voice – If you have had a difficult day or are feeling a certain emotion, try to make sure it is not communicated in your voice.

Posture – keep yourself standing and sit up straight.

Slumped posture can convey emotions that you don’t want to communicate, and it can appear sloppy and disinterested.

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